Strip Double Threat Instant Detox Advanced Cleansing

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Product details

  • Double threat is laboratory formulated and tested to address today’s Extreme toxin exposure
  • Combined Strip Instant Acting Liquid and two Accel-Gels to create the perfect cleanser
  • Supports Full body cleansing for high toxicity
  • Advanced Combination Cleansing
  • By the Makers of Strip – Made in GMP certified labs

Unfortunately, We live in a fairly toxic world and even those of us who are committed to living clean and eating healthy are likely to ingest, inhale, absorb, or produce our own fair share of disruptive substances. Our bodies would be better off without these substances and at times may need help unloading. Pollutants in the air, food and water we ingest can cause damage to our organs and tissues. It is important that we cleanse these toxins from our bodies regularly. STRIP Triple Threat provides a safe, effective way to help cleanse the Double Threat often so you can benefit from a cleaner, healthier body.